Over the years, the landscape of the industry has changed but our vision remains intact, staying true to our core values: Innovation, Commitment, and Excellence. Using innovative procedures with our investigations, we are committed to achieving excellent results for our customers by using the five “T” approach.

  • Time: Time equals money! By letting the Go2 team do the research; you remain focused with the claim process and other important matters.


  • Training: Our training program is geared toward Internet research procedures using the proper resource tools. Therefore, while understanding our customers’ needs we gather relevant information for the decision process. Our research analysts have a minimum of two years experience and are required to have a Fraud Claims Law Specialist designation (FCLS) from the American Education Institute.


  • Technique: The key to a successful investigation is to find the Internet sites. Our Go2 team reviews the information available and attempts to validate relevant data to your claim. All this information is secured in our Go2 Intel database. A report is prepared in an easy to read format and your evidence is delivered in a secured environment.
  • Technology: Over the years, technology and information advancements have changed the landscape of the investigative field. Our Go2 team researches the best in class resources, adapts to technology changes and leverages our experience to provide a successful outcome.


  • Teamwork: Being able to work productively as a team is an important aspect to achieving success. When you work with our Go2 resource team, we become an extension of your company. We are prepared to listen to your needs, devise a cost-effective plan and execute action in finding solutions. We keep our clients informed regarding investigative updates as case outcome is imperative to expediting resolution.