Social Network Check

With the increasing popularity of communicating and publishing personal information on the Internet, social media evidence opens doors to verifying a questionable claim. Our trained and experienced specialists will comb through and verify public profiles and or posts from these sites. All relevant information including photographs, video recordings, blogs, and or conversations made online will be preserved in our database.

Comprehensive Profile Check

In addition to the social network check, our experienced specialists will run an in-depth comprehensive search for other Internet presence outside of the social network arena. We will review for professional/business licenses, civil/criminal records, and or other information to assist in mitigating your risk.

Social Network Watch

We will review known Social Network sites for new information for relevancy and probative value. The frequency of this watch will be customized to our clients’ needs for their claim. We use special technology for Social Media collection, processing and preservation.


Other Services

  • Pre-Surveillance Audit
  • Vehicle/DMV Search
  • Criminal/Civil Records Check
  • Asset Check
  • Skip Trace
  • Medical Canvass
  • DNR Search
  • Business Verification
  • Social Security Verification